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Dukketeater [puppet show]
Puppet show box! Made as a collaborative team project with 8 kids from 8-9 years old. Funny to see how they handed out assignments and took turns in project managing! In the back you can see our 1x3,5 metre collage project “What is a city?”.

Team Artvanz Kristin's Album: Art in Schools | Kunst i skolen

DESCRIPTION : A collection of art projects with children at all ages. These images are from projects at an after-school activity where I ('s founder Kristin Høiland) work part-time as a community worker. I try to teach different techniques and to explore what art can be and why it si important in our lives. The kids love it and that is just proof to me that we can never start too early to introduce art into their lives! Make a mess! Do art!